LT Fitness

YOU but better than ever.

I start every new client out with, first, a free consultation. I believe this is key for not only getting to know my clients, but also to really learn their personal needs when it comes to what they are looking for in their training. From there, I assess every client’s body movements and learn about any pain they may be experiencing by executing the Functional Movement Screen; a series of seven tests that allow me to really understand how their body moves. This all allows me to design workouts truly catered to my client’s personal goals and for what their body needs to function at its absolute best. Every workout is personalized just for them to make for a stronger and more confident client.


When and where?

I am here to work WITH you. I know how hectic schedules can be, but fortunately Colorado has plenty of workout locations at our leisure. I can come to your home gym, you can come to my semi-private studio gym, or we can take it outside to your local park. The time you have scheduled is yours, so let's go where works for you. Red Rocks? Wash Park? Your apartment's gym? Let's do it! I also do my best to make my own schedule as accommodating as possible, so rescheduling should never be an issue if and when life gets in the way. This time is yours, and I value that.


Have access to your workouts anytime.

For every one of my clients, I keep a Google Doc with every single session’s workouts. I plan each individualized workout within the document ahead of time to prepare for each session. This ensures that certain exercises aren’t repeated too often, certain needs are met within each session, and my clients don’t get complacent. You will have access to this document by request, which means you can use those workouts outside of your training sessions with me. Loved feeling strong after a particular workout? Go back to that exact date and do the same workout when you’re working out by yourself! This is also extremely beneficial for young athletes as you can show your coaches and mentors what you’ve been working out outside of practice; show why you excel above other athletes. I am confident in the workouts I create for my clients, and I love creating workouts that inspire my clients to be active outside of their sessions.

Have patience. Work Hard. Be Proud.
— Lauren Trenka