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Music can Make the Workout

“For me, music can absolutely make or break a workout. If I can’t find the right playlist, there’s a good chance I am not getting a great pump. So, here are my Spotify workout playlists, as well as a couple others that I absolutely love when I’m working out!”

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Get Motivated.

“No one is constantly motivated and always ready or excited for the things in their life. Motivation is something that constantly fluctuates for every single person in the world. That being said, there are absolutely ways you can help yourself; help yourself get motivated, and help yourself succeed.”

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Build the Perfect Peach

“The fitness industry has been completely compromised by social media. Women with naturally great genes, or those who have had a little help from surgery that just happen to have the “ideal” body, gain followers over Instagram, then post all these BS workouts that definitely did nothing to help them attain the body that they have.”

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