Music can Make the Workout

For me, music can absolutely make or break a workout. If I can’t find the right playlist, there’s a good chance I am not getting a great pump. So, here are my Spotify workout playlists, as well as a couple others that I absolutely love when I’m working out!

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This playlist is heavy on rap and hip hop. I listen to this one when I really ned to get down and dirty, sweat a ton, and have a killer workout. Lots of heavy bass to block out the other sounds in the gym!


I probably listen to this playlist the most! This one has a lot more of an electric sound, so it helps me feel energized and ready to move. It is perfect for a high intensity workout where you need the extra boost!


While I do not recommend this playlist for the gym, it is perfect for a chilly day of skiing, a sunny day of hiking, or even a breezy day on the beach. This is a very mellow playlist, but I love it any time I jut want to enjoy the outdoors with a little background music!


This is probably my favorite gym playlist, yet! This is another one that has a lot of rap and hip hop, but the heavy heavy bass to block out any distractions. I can always count on this playlist when I can’t get in the zone!


This is the playlist for when you want a little bit of everything and can’t decide on whether you want electric or bass-y! Most of the songs are more upbeat, some not as much, and some to just plain enjoy.