Stay Healthy During your Vacay


It feels like summer is really finally here, which means a lottttt of people are going to be going on vacation in the coming months. So while I lounge on this beach in Siesta Key, Florida for my very much needed beach vacation, what better thing is there to talk about than how to stay healthy during your vacation?

Post-vacation syndrome IS REAL! You know when you get home from a vacation and you need an extra day or two just to recover from your trip? You know, when your sunburn is still a little too tender, you hair is damaged beyond belief from the chlorine, you feel a little jet-lagged or just flat out sleep deprived, and it seems like an extra ten pounds magically got tacked on? It might seem all worth it, maybe not, but you can try to avoid all of this!

I want to start out by saying that you are on vacation… appreciate it and enjoy it! We need these trips to let go of our regular day to day life, so you don’t need to live like you’re at home. Don’t feel obligated to eat as healthy as you usually do, don’t miss the beautiful beach sunrise because you were trying to get a workout in the hotel gym, and certainly don’t ruin your vacation with “obligations.” If there is one time to let go, this is it. Enjoy yourself on your vacation, and appreciate whatever your paradise getaway has to offer. However, healthy habits are known to die at the airport, and there are a few ways you can try to be healthier on your vacation.


Drink lots of water!

Drinking lots of water will do wonders. When our body is composed of nearly 50-65% water, surprise surprise, we need a lot of it. On a normal day to day basis, you should be drinking eight cups of water a day, or two liters. Does that sound like a lot? Then you’re probably not drinking enough! On vacation, especially if you are going to a higher elevation or spending your time on a hot sunny beach, you should be drinking more. You lose hydration when you sweat, you need to be hydrated to help your sunburn recover, and I’m sure you need to re-hydrate after those few too many boozy beverages you may have had.


Don’t say yes to everything!

Your family may want to stop and get ice cream, you shouldn’t deprive yourself, but you don’t have to say yes to the waffle cone and extra Oreo on top. Don’t say yes to every extra piña colada. Don’t say yes to free food just because it’s free. Absolutely treat yourself, but save yourself from the extra calories where you can! And I am all for the occasional treat… I mean, you are on vacation… It’s when it becomes treat after treat after treat…

Photo from @shangerdanger via Instagram

Photo from @shangerdanger via Instagram

Find extra reasons to be active and move around!

This is the easiest way to be healthy during your vacation, and it is honestly probably stuff you’re already doing anyways! Spend an extra 30 minutes swimming in the ocean, jog on the beach in the morning for the sunrise instead of hiding in the cave-like hotel gym, walk around all of the touristy sight seeing attractions instead of taking an Uber, or even go for a walk instead of lounging around in your hotel room. This one is so so easy because like I said, you’re doing this anyways, so you don’t even have to think about it. Walking is your secret weapon when on vacation!


Bring healthy snacks!

Since you’re on vacation, odds are that you’ll be eating out A TON, especially if you’re staying in a hotel without a kitchenette or anything. It is so easy to substitute eating out for a snack of chips and queso (I’m drooling just mentioning it😛💦) for fruit or veggies instead. Bring your favorite protein bars! They will fill your belly enough to hold you over until your next meal. Not only will bringing healthier snack options help you stay healthy during your vacation, but it will probably save you a little bit of cash as well.


My last tip is pretty general, but, take care of yourself!!! This is so important normally, but even more so when you’re in a place that your body isn’t used to. Wear sunscreen, bring bug repellent, wash your hands a ton, shower after doing things like swimming in the ocean! There are so many foreign entities: bacteria, bugs… who even knows?! Take care of yourself where you can. You can even do something as simple as taking vitamins on your trip to supplement the not-as-healthy eating you’re doing and to build up your immune system a little better.


I can’t reiterate it enough!! Enjoy your vacation, don’t completely deprive yourself! Just make little efforts throughout so that you don’t feel completely miserable when you have to deal with the post-vacation syndrome. It is still a vacation you know…😉